Expedition Across Antarctica

The 2023 Journey will conclude with a rare and exciting opportunity for the adventurous, even by The World’s unequalled standards. In mid December, there will be two back-to-back, exhilarating Antarctic Expeditions. Guided by specialized teams of the planet’s foremost experts on the Southern Ocean’s ecology and wildlife, adventurous Residents will leave the Ship behind, exploring floes and islands on foot, and using kayaks and Zodiacs to navigate narrow channels and ice canyons during the long days of the brief Antarctic summer.

The first Antarctic Expedition of 2023 will take advantage of daily opportunities to reach and explore new destinations throughout the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands. The second expedition will also offer amazing opportunities for unforgettable adventure, but it will be more oriented to participation by families, as it occurs during the holiday season.

And to conclude the Journey on New Year’s Eve, raise a glass here at the bottom of the world, welcoming 2024 and the beginning of a new adventure…

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