Antarctica & Falkland Islands Expedition

To explore Antarctica is truly to sail to the end of the Earth. In a month-long Expedition, Residents & Guests had the unique opportunity to venture into the Antarctic Circle and follow in the spirit and course of the legendary Ernest Shackleton, experiencing this awe-inspiring, irresistibly beautiful environment like none have before.

Under the guidance of an expert Expedition Team, the Ship sailed from Ushuaia, Argentina through the Drake Passage, past countless penguin colonies and into the caldera of an active volcano on Deception Island. Bold souls navigated jagged islands, and deep ice channels on Zodiac launches, and photographers delighted in stunning vistas and wildlife seen nowhere else on Earth. The Expedition continued in the wake of Shackleton’s team, from the site of their 4-month stranding on Elephant Island to the great explorer’s grave at the former whaling colony of Grytviken, South Georgia. The Expedition drew to a fulfilling close with warmer days winding through the Falkland Islands, and a richly welcome landing in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. Hearts and hands were warmed, and tales that will be shared for generations were told, as the insatiable spirit of adventure drove the Journey onward.

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