Northwest Passage Expedition

North of Canada is an icy labyrinth of channels weaving over 1,000 miles that few have navigated through. The World made history as the largest passenger vessel to ever voyage through the Northwest Passage, as Residents & Guests followed in the footsteps of renowned explorer, Roald Amundsen.

The World set sail from Nome, Alaska to venture across the Bering Strait. Residents & Guests witnessed sights that few had seen before – abandoned Royal Canadian Mounted Police camps once used to curb animal poaching, ancient Inuit villages that showed a glimpse into the culture and history of the Ipiutak, and the legendary narwhal breaching the frozen arctic waters. Hiking through the frozen tundra, participating in traditional Inuit throat singing, and visiting the cairn holding the masts of Sir John Franklin’s ships on Beechey Island, these explorers ended their month-long Expedition in Nuuk, Greenland, warmed by memories and experiences that few could ever imagine.

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