Caring for our planet:
sustainability and The World

The passion for travel and exploration shared by Residents of The World is grounded in an appreciation and respect for life and the environment that sustains it. Throughout their life of adventure, Residents reinforce their sense of reverence, respect and passion for this remarkable planet. From the mangrove forests of Madagascar to the glaciers of Antarctica and the Australian coral reefs – Residents of The World have a firsthand appreciation of how precious and how vulnerable these biodiverse ecosystems are, and there is a strong sense of communal responsibility aboard The World to ensure that the sea, air, and land that sustain us all are protected for future generations.

green world

This environmental consciousness is what drives the Resident community and the Ship’s management team to continually research and implement new green initiatives. From its initial inception, The World was designed and created with sustainability in mind. From the fuel we use to our waste management systems to the energy-efficient technologies used throughout the Ship, everything is built and operated with the good of the planet in mind.

Citizen Science

For the Residents of The World, understanding and guarding against environmental threats to our planet is more than just a cause. It is a vital and integral part of our lives and our Journey: making a positive difference and giving back to the planet that gives us all such beauty, wonder, and inspiration. This passion for the environment comes to life through Resident-led science initiatives like The World Cloud and Precipitation Project and other meaningful scientific research in which Residents provide real assistance.

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