Madagascar & Aldabra Expedition

Madagascar is an isolated oasis; a region rich in biodiversity that neighbors numerous isolated and rarely visited islands. During a month-long Expedition, Residents & Guests of The World ventured through remote regions of Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel to explore sights that few have seen before.

The World departed Durban, South Africa, and voyaged across the southern Mozambique Channel towards Madagascar. Residents & Guests explored numerous National Parks while observing wildlife indigenous only to the western coast of Madagascar. The Expedition Team then sailed to the Avenue of the Baobabs where Residents & Guests beheld majestic, 800-year-old baobab trees before traveling to the Barren Islands, home to the semi-nomadic Vezo people. Bold Explorers were rewarded with the rare opportunity to witness over 150,000 giant turtles and hundreds of endemic species on the Aldabra Group, the largest raised coral atoll on earth. Landing in Saint-Denis brought the Expedition to a close, and the Ship began preparation to continue the Journey, buoyed and enriched by the memories and experiences of this amazing adventure.

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