Inventing life at sea, and reinventing it

When we launched in 2002, The World introduced a lifestyle of residential luxury adventure that was previously unimaginable. With each year’s journey, we continue to elevate the pinnacle of exploration, enjoying exclusive, curated experiences in every corner of the globe, while traveling from the comfort of Home. Every aspect of life on board is meticulously attended to by The World’s unrivaled Crew, so that all our Residents need to do is enjoy.

The only Ship of its kind

The World is the planet’s largest private residential yacht – the only ship of its kind currently in operation – sailing a continuous itinerary across every ocean and continent. Aboard this truly unique Ship are amenities that exceed even the highest standards of luxury travel.

We used to dream of sailing every ocean together. The World made it a reality.

– Resident

An international community of adventurers

Drawn together by the love of exploration, Residents of The World share an endless wanderlust, the appreciation of exquisite quality, and a profound respect for the cultures and environment of our shared planet.

Ready to learn more?

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