Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition

There are few places on Earth to rival the scenic beauty and rich biodiversity of the coast of South Africa and the captivating islands that lie well off the mainland in the middle of the Atlantic. The World’s Expedition Team guided Residents & Guests through the sights, music, cuisine, and culture of this enchanting region on an immersive adventure.

Embarking from Cape Town, the Ship traveled along the Benguela Current – known for the nutrient-rich waters and abundance of marine-life – toward Namibia. There, Residents & Guests spotted Cape fur seals and African penguins, trekked through the sand in the ghost town of Kolmanskop, and dined al fresco beneath the stunning desert stars. Then it was on to two of the most remote destinations on the planet – St. Helena and Ascension. Residents & guests discovered nesting sea turtles, explored Napoleon’s tomb, and enjoyed some well-earned relaxation at the local golf course and distillery. A four-day voyage northwest provided the Residents & Guests time to prepare for an excursion amongst the breathtaking volcanic islands and learn the rich history of Cape Verde before concluding this memorable Expedition in Las Palmas.

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