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Residents of The World experience a Journey of their own choosing across every ocean and every continent on Earth, with extensive time and an unmatched depth of exploration in over 120 ports each year. Itineraries are crafted to maximize Resident experiences at every landing, often spending three days in some cultural capitals. Polar and tropical expeditions are planned each year to provide exploration and access along the planet’s most untamed shores. On colossal glaciers, in ancient castles, at desert oases, and behind closed doors in landmark museums, wineries, and art galleries – all your experiences are led by knowledgeable insiders and outstanding experts in their fields.

2022 Journey

In 2022, The World embarks on a Journey like no other, as Residents & Guests traverses five continents on a voyage of beauty, culture, and excitements. Highlights of the 2022 itinerary includes calls in the Caribbean, South America, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Middle East. This remarkable Journey also boasts three exhilarating Expeditions throughout the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Marquesas of French Polynesia, the Austral Islands, and Iceland.

Living Journey Blog

The Living Journey is a collection of journal entries and photographs by our own Residents that offers an exclusive glimpse into their adventures at sea.

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