2025: Unrivaled Worldwide Adventure

With three in-depth expeditions and more than 90 destinations across six continents, The World’s remarkable 2025 itinerary promises breathtaking beauty, adventure and discovery.

Our international community rings in the year along the sun-drenched western coast of the United States before sailing south to Cabo San Lucas and 2025’s Sea of Cortez Expedition. In this region teeming with wildlife, Residents will discover native species and forests of cacti silhouetted against picture-perfect sunsets. Ample opportunities for snorkeling, diving and whale watching abound in the region that famed marine explorer Jacques Cousteau called “the world’s aquarium”.

In March, following visits to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia, Residents will turn their gaze toward the Caribbean Sea. As they voyage to Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, the Grenadines and the Lesser Antilles, they will relish the region’s crystalline waters, rich flavors and vibrant wildlife. Across the Atlantic our explorers will journey to the Canary Islands, Funchal and Casablanca, followed by a brief departure to the Mediterranean, with stops in Italy, Malta, France, Spain, and Portugal. Upon their turn to the South Atlantic, Residents & Guests will immerse themselves in African destinations throughout Namibia and South Africa.

Two more expeditions beckon between September and November. During the Madagascar Expedition, Residents & Guests will explore the fourth largest island on earth and its huge diversity of habitats and wildlife, some species found nowhere else on Earth. The final expedition of 2025 to West Papua at the eastern extreme of Indonesia will reveal endless opportunities for exploration across a varied and dynamic marine ecosystem. As the year draws to a close, The World will spend the holidays in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. Residents & Guests will toast to the New Year in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to celebrate another incredible global journey and to all the special experiences to come in 2026.

Regional Breakdown

North America & Sea of Cortez Expedition
Central and South America
Africa & Madagascar Expedition
Oceania & West Papua Expedition

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