Pacific Islands & French Polynesia Expedition

The very mention of the Polynesian Islands conjures up visions of dreamlike beauty and pristine isolation, yet few travelers will experience this paradise as Residents of The World did in two consecutive special expeditions. The Ship’s international community of explorers lost themselves in the idyllic wonder of powdery beaches, rugged volcanic cliffs, and picture-perfect lagoons.

This extraordinary adventure began in the waters and jungles of the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Marquesas of French Polynesia, before setting out for the southeast Polynesian isles where Residents & Guests relished the ethereal natural beauty of the region and the warmth of the local people.

Bespoke, curated experiences defined each day of this journey, as Residents & Guests summited the heights of Mount Pohue Rahi, explored the shimmering shallows and lushly forested mountains of Moorea, discovered the hidden temples of Raiatea, were welcomed into the small fishing villages of Maeva, and delved deep into the reefs and waters of Bora Bora and Taha’a. It was a once-in-a-lifetime sojourn through one of the most magical regions on Earth.

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