British Isles & Hebrides Expedition

Soaring cliffs, cozy seaside villages, and stone dwellings older than recorded history– the timeless mystique of the northern British Isles has called to adventurous seafarers since the dawn of history. Over the course of eleven magnificent days, The World’s Exploration of this captivating region traced the rugged coastal cliffs of the Outer and Inner Hebrides and immersed Residents & Guests in the culture, history, and natural beauty of the lands where golf was born and whisky making was raised to a high art.

Beginning in the bracing September air of the North Atlantic on the most remote Scottish islands, the Expedition was enriched by the knowledge and guidance of a hand-selected team of experts in the history, language, whisky, music, golf, and wildlife of the region. At tiny, isolated settlements and around bustling ports, exploration was rewarded with breathtaking photography, fine local woolens and jewelry, and legendary hospitality. Avid golfers and whisky aficionados were in for a particularly momentous voyage, with private access to some of the planet’s most esteemed links and distilleries. Feasting in a 650-year-old castle as private guests of a real clan-chief, meandering cobblestoned streets, listening to pipers & fiddlers in lively pubs, and simply gazing across windswept moors– Residents & Guests savored so many moments that made this Hebridean odyssey a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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