The incomparable wines of The World

With an extensive wine list of over 1,100 selections, hand-picked from 19 countries and a wine cellar holding over 15,000 bottles, The World is an oenophile’s dream come true. The World has been ranked as Best Ship seven years in a row by The World of Fine Wine (TWFW) magazine, and for the same period our wine list has been awarded their coveted three-star status (an honor reserved for less than 300 restaurants worldwide).

While The World’s collection is truly remarkable, it is the sommelier and beverage teams on board that bring the experience to life. Their knowledge and expertise in the selection of fine wines is unparalleled, as is their understanding of the individual tastes and preference of each Resident on board.

Appreciation and experience

Oenophiles aboard The World enjoy an endless adventure of discovery and tasting, and gain a deep appreciation for the rich history and culture of wine cultivation. The Ship’s onboard beverage team and sommeliers act as personal guides through this journey – providing impeccable pairings with every meal and offering their valued recommendations. Whether it’s suggesting the perfect red to accompany dinner with friends, or assisting Residents in expanding their own private collection, the team aboard The World can navigate each individual preference and taste.

Bespoke tasting experiences and educational sessions are staged on and off the ship with some of the planet’s most prominent wine producers, distillers, and brewers. The Beverage Manager often arranges exclusive visits and dinners to the most unique vineyards and landmark wineries, some of which have not opened their doors to visitors in years. Even for the most knowledgeable oenophiles, these represent the absolute pinnacle of wine experiences. A similar approach is taken with exploring other signature beverages, to Sake when The World calls on Japan, to Pisco while in Peru, to Tequila in Mexico, to Single Malt while in Scotland and others.

Local purchases in the various ports of call enrich the beverage selection with unique wines, craft spirits and destination specific beverages. Our Sake list was awarded by TWFW as regional winner for North America in the category “Best Sake Lists Outside Japan”. When compiling the selection we took advantage of our call on Japan.

Most special and exciting of all, The World’s chefs work with the Beverage Manager to create “Truly Portraits,” fine dining experiences during which wines are paired with elaborate menus created personally for Residents.

Uncompromising excellence in all things

This attention to detail and quality in the wine purchasing strategy themselves is only the beginning. Each bottle on board is stored under temperature control in the Ship’s main cellar and in custom-made vaults in each of the Ship’s restaurants. Every detail of service and experience is considered, from the use of Coravin preservation systems for wines by the glass to the use of the highest-quality stemware, aeration, and decanting tools specific to each wine or spirit.

Ready to learn more?

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