Svalbard Expedition

In a wintery land where daily survival is a challenge and polar bears outnumber people, Svalbard is an untouched Arctic wilderness visited by only the hardiest travelers. During a thirteen-day Expedition, Residents & Guests of The World experienced the wild beauty, vibrant local culture, and unique cuisine of the planet’s northernmost human settlement.

From the port of Tromsø, already well within the Arctic Circle, the Ship sailed still further northward on a voyage filled with wondrous sights, encounters, and experiences. Specially-selected experts formed the Expedition Team that guided Residents & Guests as they delved deep beneath the earth through historic coalmines, hiked the rugged shoreline of Kapp Linnè island, and photographed stunning vistas, seabirds, and wildlife life on icy aquatic safaris. Surrounded by breathtaking fjord and mountain views at the remote Hotel Isfjord Radio, the explorers enjoyed artisanal regional delicacies and locally-crafted beer. Many ventured inland to explore the region by dog wagon, learned about the area’s rich history at the award-winning Svalbard Museum, and enjoyed midnight strolls along a glacier under the red-streaked sky. Even as part of the amazing Journey of The World, this was a remarkable Expedition to be fondly remembered for a lifetime.

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