Your Gateway to Discovery

Only The World brings you to curated experiences in the most amazing places on Earth, from bustling cosmopolitan cities and cultural capitals to ancient lands and remote corners of the globe. At each landing, every detail of your arrival is meticulously seen to by The World’s remarkable Crew, so that there is nothing left to do but enjoy.

Extraordinary Destinations, Personalized Exploration

The World’s itinerary encompasses every corner of the globe, on a course guided by the voices of the Resident community. Each landing is planned to allow ample time for exploration and enjoyment of exclusive access and activities on dreamlike beaches and soaring cliffsides, in storybook seaside towns and the most iconic cities on Earth.

Everywhere in The World

Each year, the only Ship of its kind brings the adventurers who live aboard to over 100 of the most extraordinary places on Earth. Across tropical and polar wilderness, in bustling cities and sleepy villages, Residents can immerse in vibrant cultures, exquisite cuisines, and breathtaking natural beauty, everywhere.

Time to Fully Appreciate

With an average of 3 unhurried days to explore and experience each landing, Residents of The World can truly enjoy their time ashore. Discovering a city’s hidden culinary treasures, making an extended visit to the nearby archaeological site, or just wandering the cobblestone streets of a new town – there is always time to spare.

Moored in a harbor too small for big cruise liners, we went ashore in a storybook village few travelers ever see.

– Resident

Engaging at Every Landing

At every destination, dedicated specialists plan and curate exciting culinary, cultural, and leisure activities designed to fulfill the personal interests and dreams of the adventurers who live on board. Across desert dunes and in sidewalk cafes, within landmark museums and at hillside wineries, each event is tailored to Residents’ tastes and interests.

Ready to learn more?

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