Make the next Expedition your own

During the 2024 and 2025 Journeys, Residents will embark on some of the most exciting Expeditions yet. Will you be one of the adventurous few who share these exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experiences?

Kimberley: 2024

As Australia’s last frontier, the Kimberley comprises vast uninhabited lands and truly breathtaking scenery. With an itinerary designed to capture both the natural and cultural aspects of the area, Residents can anticipate an endless bounty of unbridled beauty from powerful waterfalls and gorges to ocher-hued mountains.


Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands: 2024

Join us for a rare expedition bringing Residents to the virtually untouched lands of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Here volcanic landscapes and emerald forests melt into pristine lagoons and mangroves brimming with life. Enjoy some of the best snorkeling and diving on the planet, and immerse in the vibrant native culture.


Madagascar: 2025

Join Residents of The World for a rare expedition to Madagascar. Beneath its clear, star-scattered skies, observe indigenous wildlife found nowhere else on Earth, enjoy exclusive guided tours of the isolated island’s natural wonders, and explore one of Earth’s most extraordinary landscapes and immense biodiversity while experiencing the pinnacle of luxury.


West Papua: 2025

Embark on an expedition into Indonesia’s West Papua region with The World in 2025. Rich with language and customs of indigenous tribes, this remote land presents encounters with abundant undersea life of Raja Ampat, the territory’s exquisite birds of paradise, and its people’s vibrant festival celebrations.


Sea of Cortez: 2025

Dive, snorkel, explore and discover the region Jacques Cousteau himself called “the world’s aquarium”: The Sea of Cortez. Surrounded by otherworldly beauty, join Residents & Guests as they have rare interactions with native marine life, immerse themselves in glistening freshwater cenotes, and marvel at stunning sunsets on some of the California Gulf’s most remote islands.


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