West Papua Expedition

West Papua is one of the most mysterious and scientifically significant regions of the planet, brimming with breathtaking natural beauty, unique wildlife, and rich history. During this remarkable Expedition, The World’s community of global travelers took to the waters and lands of Cenderwasih Bay, Raja Ampat, and the Bana Sea for an epic adventure.

In Cenderawasih Bay, whale sharks basked in clear waters beneath the highest peaks of New Guinea, while adventurous Residents swam alongside them. Sailing to the “Four Kings” or Raja Ampat Islands, expedition members discovered archaeological and cultural sites including villages and caves that hold some of the earliest prehistoric paintings. Along the shore of the Banda Sea, The World’s Residents & Guests explored the legacies of the Dutch, Portuguese, and local empires that flourished in this bygone era, nestled in the islands, coves, and forests.

The World’s Zodiacs and kayaks ranged across remote shorelines and shallow lagoons where no Ship can go, allowing for unparalleled access to vibrant coral reefs, white sandy shores, and lush rain forest. Vivid memories were created, to be reflected upon and treasured for years to come.

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