A Journey of True Enrichment

The World’s Journey encompasses so many unique opportunities to enrich your appreciation and expand your understanding of global communities and cultures.

Lectures, Learning, and Conversations

Participate in presentations and intimate discussions with leading scientists, artists, and scholars, including Nobel Laureates and other renowned experts.

The World is your stage

Throughout the Journey, local cultural performers, musicians, dancers, and guest entertainers come aboard the Ship. Through performances and discussions, these artists allow Residents & Guests to expand their global consciousness and more fully appreciate the people and cultures of the planet we all share.

Learning through doing

Globally infused onboard workshops by preeminent experts in photography, art, technology, and performative arts nurture your creative skills, while guided outings by renowned lecturers, fitness experts, and photographers provide unparalleled opportunities to learn as you explore new landings.

Before going ashore, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the author who literally
wrote the book on the island’s bird species.

– Resident

Spontaneous experiences of daily enrichment

Will you shop local food markets with The World’s executive chef, or be invited by local artists to visit their private homes and studios? Explore cultural capitals alongside expert lecturers in culture, history, and art or be guided to underground gems of local food and music scenes.

Ready to learn more?

Determine whether life aboard The World is the right fit for you. Talk to one of our Residential Advisors today to learn more about this unique lifestyle, details of upcoming Journeys and Expeditions, and ownership opportunities.