East Greenland Expedition

For centuries, only the boldest voyagers have braved the untamed, icy North Atlantic to gaze upon the rugged majesty of Greenland’s glacier-hewn shores. Naturally, the adventurous Residents & Guests of The World welcomed the opportunity for a special Expedition to spend 17 days immersed in the vast, timeless beauty and rich cultural heritage of this rarely-visited region.

Expedition Team leaders carefully chose a course northward from Iceland and down Greenland’s east coast, adjusted to prevailing weather, sea, and ice conditions as the Journey progressed. Each day brought stunning views of scenery and wildlife from the Ship itself, and Zodiac launches ferried eager explorers to ice shelves, tundra landings, and warm, welcoming Inuit communities. The moments and memories captured on this rare and spontaneous Journey will be cherished by all onboard for years to come.