Greenland-Ellesmere Island & Baffin Coast Expeditions & Atlantic North America

Nuuk, Greenland Greenland - Ellesmere Island Expedition Baffin Coast, Canada St. John's, Newfoundland New York, New York, USA

High Adventure in the Far North

Above the Arctic Circle, the first two amazing Expeditions of 2023 will offer adventurous Residents & Guests the chance to cross from Scandinavia to North America along the route sailed by the earliest European explorers. Led by teams of experts in the history and ecology of the region, The Greenland-Ellesmere Island Expedition will brave icy waters, glaciers and fjords in the pristine wilderness of the Greenland coast. The Baffin Coast Expedition follow immediately thereafter, bringing the bold adventurers of The World to experiences amid the coastal cliffs, waterfalls, misty islands, and fascinating wildlife in this beautiful region of Canada.

As Residents & Guests unwind after such extraordinary explorations, the Ship will sail southward throughout September and October along the Atlantic Coast of Canada and the U.S.A. Enjoy unhurried immersion in the character and culture of each landing, from lively music in the cozy coastal towns of Nova Scotia to elegant charm in Old Québec and rich history in Boston and Yorktown.

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