The Living Journey

Welcome to The Living Journey – a collection of journal entries and photographs by our own Residents that offers an exclusive glimpse into their adventures at sea. Experience The World through their eyes as they share personal and authentic stories of what it’s like to travel the globe from the comfort of home on this luxurious ship. These posts capture their once-in-a-lifetime experiences not found anywhere else on earth. This blog is continually updated so we invite you to come back and visit often.

Enjoying Local Cuisine & Mercado Centrale in Livorno, Italy

Posted by Rich E. | November 14, 2018

City Hall dominates Piazza Municipio in Livorno, Italy, a port city that is regarded by many Ship passengers as the…

The British Isles & Hebrides Exploration: Sightseeing & Whiskey Sampling in Kirkwall, Scotland

Posted by Michael F. | October 23, 2018

Kirkwall from the Ship’s anchorage   We arrived in Kirkwall, Scotland and went on a tour of the local archeological…

The British Isles & Hebrides Exploration: Papa Stour & Foula, Shetland Islands

Posted by Michael F. | October 17, 2018

Overnight we sailed out to even more remote parts of the Shetland Islands. We started our day with an expedition briefing…

Farewell to the Vast, Serene Norway

Posted by DBK | October 11, 2018

Where to begin? After more than six weeks in Norway, we have a real sense of it. The word “clarity”…

The World’s Svalbard Expedition: A Grand Finale Under the Arctic Sun

Posted by Expedition Leader | October 3, 2018

This morning brings our last day of the Svalbard Expedition 2018 aboard The World. It is always bittersweet as things…

The World’s Svalbard Expedition: Exploring The Red Fjord

Posted by Rich E. | September 18, 2018

Raudfjorden (The Red Fjord), Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard   After two days looking for wildlife in the Arctic Pack Ice north…

The World’s Svalbard Expedition: Arctic Pack Ice Cruising (and Polar Bears)

Posted by Rich E. | September 11, 2018

Arctic pack ice, north of Svalbard, at Latitude 82º 37’ with the forward section of deck 7 of our Ship…

The World’s Svalbard Expedition: Atop the World on The World

Posted by DBK | September 5, 2018

The Svalbard Expedition was well described by one of our Expedition Leaders as “epic in scale – exquisite in detail.”…

The World’s Svalbard Expedition: Exploring the Signehmna Landing Site and WWII History

Posted by Rich E. | August 22, 2018

We took a Zodiac from the Ship to the Signehamna landing on the shore of Krossfjorden   Sailing north on…

The World’s Svalbard Expedition Begins: Farewell Tromso, Hello Bjørnøya!

Posted by Expedition Leader | August 15, 2018

Tromso in northern Norway is the stepping off point for many Arctic adventures, including The World’s 2013 Expedition to the…

Exploring Norway’s Majestic Landscapes: Geirangerfjord

Posted by Rich E. | August 8, 2018

A panorama of the deep blue UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord and the surrounding majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush, green…

Experiencing History & Culture in Croatia and Bosnia

Posted by DBK | August 1, 2018

Each of these mesmerizing places has literally layers of history, sometimes dating back several thousand years. There is often visual…

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