The Living Journey

Welcome to The Living Journey – a collection of journal entries and photographs by our own Residents that offers an exclusive glimpse into their adventures at sea. Experience The World through their eyes as they share personal and authentic stories of what it’s like to travel the globe from the comfort of home on this luxurious ship. These posts capture their once-in-a-lifetime experiences not found anywhere else on earth. This blog is continually updated so we invite you to come back and visit often.

Life Continues in the Ashes of Pico de Fogo

Posted by Marcy P. | May 27, 2015

Our sojourn through the Cape Verde Islands continued with a visit to Fogo. The volcanic island is home to Pico…

Residents of The World Meet the Oldest Land Creature on the Planet

Posted by Enrichment Manager | May 12, 2015

On a recent trip to the British Overseas Territory of St. Helena during the Ship’s Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition, Residents…

Cooking and Dining at the Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine

Posted by Rich E. | May 5, 2015

During the Ship’s sojourn in Durban, South Africa, we were incredibly lucky to be among the six “students” who attended…

Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition: The Past and Present Meet in Praia, Cape Verde

Posted by Expedition Leader | April 28, 2015

The World’s Destination Experience to Praia and Cidade Velha on the island of Santiago was a walk through time and…

Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition: Crossing the Equator

Posted by Expedition Leader | April 21, 2015

This morning we awoke with almost half the world behind us and half the world ahead of us. The equator…

Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition: A Quiet Good Friday Turns into an Adventurous Day for The World

Posted by Expedition Leader | April 10, 2015

Easter weekend is an important holiday for the community living in the former British Empire outpost of St. Helena, about…

Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition: Rich Marine Life in Walvis Bay and the Infamous Guests of St. Helena

Posted by Expedition Leader | April 7, 2015

Continuing our Journey up along the western coast of South Africa we started our day with a catamaran experience through…

A New Expedition Begins: Namibia & Mid-Atlantic

Posted by Expedition Leader | April 1, 2015

The beautiful port city of Cape Town was the starting point for the 2015 Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition aboard The…

Exploring India’s Sacred Temples, the Ancient Art of Silk-Weaving and Dramatic Storytelling

Posted by Marcy P. | March 25, 2015

Our second temple on the India Overland Journey was the Kanchi Kailasanathar, which is the oldest structure in Kanchhipuram. A…

Mystery and Beauty Surround an American Entrepreneur in Bangkok

Posted by Marcy P. | March 17, 2015

Our first stop in Bangkok was the Jim Thompson House Museum. The story surrounding this man is fascinating, and one…

Relics of the Buddhas in Myanmar’s Most Sacred Site

Posted by Marcy P. | March 10, 2015

During our Myanmar Overland we took a late afternoon trip to the Shwedagon Pagoda. Described as the “most venerable place…

Burma’s rich colonial and religious influences

Posted by Marcy P. | March 3, 2015

Our Burmese odyssey continued early one Tuesday morning. We had a full schedule ahead of us, but luckily we had…

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