The Living Journey

Welcome to The Living Journey – a collection of journal entries and photographs by our own Residents that offers an exclusive glimpse into their adventures at sea. Experience The World through their eyes as they share personal and authentic stories of what it’s like to travel the globe from the comfort of home on this luxurious ship. These posts capture their once-in-a-lifetime experiences not found anywhere else on earth. This blog is continually updated so we invite you to come back and visit often.

Sunrise Reveals the Many Wonders of the Angkor Wat Temple

Posted by Marcy P. | January 21, 2015

Our travels in Cambodia included one particularly early morning, as we rose at 4:30 to view the sunrise at Angkor…

A Day of Wonder Upon the Mekong River

Posted by Marcy P. | January 14, 2015

Shortly after Thanksgiving, while visiting South Vietnam, 18 of us from the Ship climbed aboard the Aqua Mekong in My…

A Special Performance of North Korea’s Brightest Young Talent

Posted by Marcy P. | January 7, 2015

During our stay in North Korea we had the pleasure of travelling to the Schoolchildren’s Palace for a special tour…

A Vietnamese Gateway to Ancient Tombs, Unique Relics and Floating Dragons

Posted by Marcy P. | January 2, 2015

After a full day at sea we tied up at the commercial port of Chan May in central Vietnam. Chan…

Uncovering Secret Tunnels and Signs of Peace at the 38th Parallel

Posted by Marcy P. | December 22, 2014

Early one morning we assembled for our tour of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone and the Third Tunnel at the 38th Parallel.…

A Unique View Into Korea’s Past, Pig-Friendly Outhouses And A Dying Art

Posted by Marcy P. | December 16, 2014

After a leisurely morning at sea we arrived at the dock in Cheju, South Korea, and were immediately greeted with…

Our Emotional First Footsteps in Vietnam

Posted by Mary P. | December 10, 2014

As we approached our first port in Vietnam, we had the most fantastic sail-in through the Gulf of Tonkin from…

Strolling Monks and Squirming Seafood in Busan, South Korea

Posted by Marcy P. | December 3, 2014

Our journey from Japan to South Korea was slowed slightly by the effects of Typhoon Phanfone, but we safely arrived…

An Walk Through the Ancient Castle Gardens of Takamatsu

Posted by Marcy P. | November 25, 2014

We spent most of a sunny day sailing across the Seto Inland Sea before arriving at the port of Takamatsu,…

A Glimpse At Japan's Cars Of The Future

Posted by Marcy P. | November 12, 2014

While visiting the industrial city of Nagoya, home to many of the major Japanese automakers, we signed up for a…

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