Hiking Vintgar Gorge in Northwestern Slovenia

The Radovna River cuts the Vintgar Gorge deep between the hills of Hom and Borst, near Lake Bled, in northwestern Slovenia, near Austria.

The gorge is flanked by steep slopes overgrown with beech forests. The Radovna River was full of trout, reminding us of the trout-filled rivers of Montana in the U.S. northwest.

The gorge was not discovered until 1891 by the mayor of a town near Bled. A few years later the gorge was opened to the public. Over the following decades hiking trails and the cantilevered section of trail along the river near the entrance were constructed.

We hiked a little over a mile to reach the dam and waterfall, going beyond it to see the gorge open up with a wonderful view of the valley and the Julian Alps, beyond.

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