Golfing the “Browns” of Sao Vicente

While in Fogo, our guide Lena had told us a little about the golf club we were going to play during our visit. The Golf Club of Sao Vicente is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary having been founded by expatriate Britons in the early 20th century. The young native Cape Verdeans were enthralled with the sport and were determined to learn the game. The unique course is nothing but sand and has the same oiled “browns” we so enjoyed on Ascension Island. The British eventually departed and left the legacy to be carried on by the locals who were known as the “Black Lords”. Today, the club has over 300 members and there were quite a few people playing on the day of our visit.

One of the local men accompanied us and it was a good thing because there were not many signs or directions to guide us along the course. There are 18 holes but we were warned to stay away from the ones near the road. When a gust of wind would blow through we were covered with dust. Interesting.

There was quite a climb up to the #1 men’s tee.

Most of the “browns” were surrounded by bank, so a small ladder was needed to climb in.

Once on the “brown” everyone’s footprints left big impressions.

Sports & Golf Manager Damon on the phone making sure we are in the right place!

We managed to play about 14 holes before it was time to return to the Ship. Prior to our leaving, one of the members offered to show us the club house. It was currently closed for renovations getting ready for the May 1st anniversary party. He took great delight in showing us many pictures from the early years of the club. One trophy dated back from 1907. The people were so nice and it was interesting to see the pride they took in their history of golf in Cape Verde.

By the time we returned to the Ship, a concert by a local group had begun so we slid our sandy selves near the back and enjoyed more of the very special music of the region. After that it was a quiet night at Home as we began our packing for our return trip in a few days.

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