Vibrant Cultural Adventures in the Middle East

Following their tour of the Mediterranean, Residents aboard The World gain exclusive access and perspectives on the Middle East as they visit destinations in Israel and Egypt. First, our explorers will discover the Israeli city of Ashdod, home to one-of-a-kind museums on Philistine culture, archeological parks where visitors can behold the ruins of ancient Canaanite cities and the everyday interactions of French, Moroccan, Russian and Ethiopian heritage that make Israel an inspiring global community.


Afterward, Egypt welcomes our adventurers to the Sharm el Sheikh, where traditional dancers perform throughout the city, the scents of spices drift through the bazaars of the Old Market and the Al-Sahaba mosque opens its doors for all to admire the intricate beauties of Islamic architecture. As they move on, Hurghada will also entice them with authentic cuisine like koshari and molokhia, the eye-catching colors and textures of handmade fabrics in the souqs and local artisans adorning galleries throughout the city.

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