Year-End Adventures and Celebration in Oceania

In November and December, The World sails to Australia, Indonesia, and Tasmania, where Residents & Guests will end the year amidst Oceania’s marvels. Our community will immerse themselves in vibrant mixtures of indigenous and Southeast Asian cultures, reefs and rainforests, lush parklands and pristine wildlife sanctuaries as they visit destinations throughout Australia’s Northern Territory and Queensland. Our third expedition of 2025 takes place in West Papua, a region of Indonesia rich with indigenous tribes, languages and customs. Throughout the privately guided visit, Residents may encounter the breathtaking underwater biodiversity of Raja Ampat, spot gloriously colored birds of paradise or even have a chance to witness one of the territory’s myriad festivals celebrated throughout the year.

After holiday celebrations in Brisbane and Sydney, the year’s journey will conclude in Hobart, Tasmania where Residents & Guests will toast to another spectacular year surrounded by their World family and to all the discoveries that await in 2026.

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