Marvelous Explorations in Africa

After basking in the tropical delights of the Caribbean Sea, The World sets its sights across the Atlantic toward Africa and the Canary Islands; Funchal, Madeira; and Casablanca, Morocco. Our adventurers will discover the wonders of the stars in the Canary Islands, home to some of the clearest night skies on Earth. In Funchal, the charms of its historic Old Town will beckon, revealing bustling traditional markets and colorful architecture. The Famed Casablanca will showcase its cultural marvels, too, with remarkable mosques and museums highlighting its stunning art, as well as the Old Medina, a blend of European and Moroccan architecture that has stood since the 18th century.

In September, The World travels to Africa for the highly anticipated Madagascar Expedition. On this island nation just off the continent’s southeastern coast, Residents & Guests will see wildlife unique to the region including the catlike fossa, the vibrant blue coua bird or the enormous indri lemur. With the assistance of expert guides exclusively dedicated to this adventure, our community will delve into one of the planet’s most beautiful landscapes in a way few could ever dream.

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