The World, Residences at Sea Announces Adventurous 2019 & 2020 Expeditions

May 2019


London, England – May 2019: Each year, The World, the largest privately-owned residential yacht on earth, wows its Residents and Guests with once-in-a-lifetime adventures on its continuous global journey. Highlighting its itineraries are enriching expeditions to unique and remote regions where Residents can explore their culture, wildlife, landscapes, food, and more. From the vast frozen wilderness of the Polar Regions to the rich and unique ecosystems of tropical Madagascar to the desert landscapes of Western Australia and the jungle-covered islands of Indonesia, these quests transport Residents to new worlds with customized experiences designed to ‘bring the destination alive’.

Expeditions are a true highpoint for the 150 families from 20 countries who together travel to far corners of the globe – all from the comfort of home on this elegant, private yacht. Led by a team of experts who provide hands-on experience and knowledge, these voyages are enhanced by specialist lecturers and a multitude of experiential activities. Depending on the locale, experts may include anthropologists, marine biologists, dive masters, historians, kayak guides, naturalists, oceanographers, ornithologists, and regional specialists. Many will lecture on board and some will lead Residents on informative shoreside treks for in-depth discovery to become fully immersed in the destination. The World partners with EYOS Expeditions, a global leader in curating bespoke expedition experiences.

In 2019 and 2020, The World will continue to amaze, captivate and inspire its Residents, guiding them on a discovery of some of Earth’s most incredible natural wonders.


Madagascar Expedition 2019

Earlier this year The World returned to the Indian Ocean, visiting Madagascar, one of the most biodiverse islands on the planet, and the Aldabra Group of the Seychelles. These tropical islands are like nowhere else on earth with a large collection of endemic flora and fauna, as well as native lemurs and chameleons. Around 80 percent of Madagascar’s wildlife is a result of the island’s strange geological history. From the arid desert coasts to lush forests and mangrove-lined rivers, Residents spent time discovering this varied coastline. Wildlife encounters were numerous on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra, the Seychelles’ most southerly island, home to giant tortoises and incredible coral reefs.


Northwest Passage Expedition 2019

In late summer, The World embarks on an epic maritime adventure on an iconic route that spans 3,500 miles of the High Arctic, traversing across the northern coastline of Canada and Alaska. Having been the largest passenger Ship to sail the Northwest Passage (NWP) from west to east during its record-breaking 2012 NWP Expedition, The World will return to this historic sea route in August/September to complete a ‘double transit’ sailing this time from east to west. Beginning in Nuuk, Greenland, Residents will spend a few days in the capital city before continuing north along the coast. Extra time will be dedicated during the journey to discover the majestic landscape of Baffin Island, stopping at the historical sites of Beechy Island and Dundas Harbour. Zodiacs will allow for landings on wilderness coasts and a helicopter will provide exciting flightseeing. Residents are bound to spot whales, polar bears, muskox, and other creatures that call this frozen frontier home, and will visit several Inuit communities.


West Papua Expedition 2020

In January 2020, The World will sail to West Papua, the most picturesque part of Indonesia and one of the most vibrant green eco-systems in the world. An expedition of around 1,800 nautical miles, the Ship will traverse southbound across the equator to conclude in Darwin, Australia. From Palau to Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia, this region of over 1,500 cast limestone islands offers unparalleled marine bio-diversity. It is one of the best places in the world to observe whale sharks, as well as over 12,000 species of fish living amongst the pristine reefs. Ashore, keen birders will find the majestic bird of paradise and other tropical bird species. This expedition links past expeditions to Melanesia and explorations of Indonesia, providing profound beauty, deep history, sensational diving and snorkelling, great wildlife and an amazing landscape to explore.


Kimberly Expedition 2020

In March 2020, The World will explore The Kimberly, the most remote western coast in Australia. Taking in these vast desert landscapes formed by ancient geological processes and shaped by wind and time, the Ship will provide a perfect vantage point to observe as the timeless terracotta scenery is immersed into a turquoise sea. In this far-flung point of the Australian continent, Residents will explore the spectacular long canyons and waterfalls by Zodiac, spotting sharks and crocodiles. Aerial views of the surrounding landscapes by helicopter will give better geographical context to the voyage whilst illustrating the narrow interface between land and sea. Days will be
dictated by the tides which rise and fall over 20 ft each day, creating local wonders such as the horizontal waterfalls at Talbot Bay.


Antarctica Expedition 2020

The World will celebrate the 2020 holiday season in Antarctica, a pinnacle of expedition sailing. Departing from Ushuaia, the Ship will cross the 500 miles of the Drake Passage which separates South America from the Antarctic continent. This infamous stretch of water is home to the albatross and the whale. From here The World will journey down the Danco Coast towards the Antarctic Circle, taking in the iconic landscapes, vast ice sculptures, and mesmerizing wildlife – all combined with the rich history of explorers. This festive voyage includes the opportunity to stay up through the night to try to capture the exquisite colors of an Antarctic simultaneous sunset-sunrise as the sun skips across the horizon. The near 24 hours of daylight in this pristine part of the planet will allow for beach landings to view the seals and penguins that thrive in these rich and nutritious Antarctic waters. On board, an expedition team will deliver a world-class lecture series to bring the destination alive.


Chronicling The World’s Expeditions and Explorations

The World has a rich history of taking its Residents and Guests on a variety of expeditions to all corners of the globe for enriching exploration of places most only dream of. In 2018, the Ship undertook an 11-day expedition through the Svalbard Archipelago, a supreme destination for viewing arctic wildlife and home to the majestic polar bear. In 2017, The World broke a world-record for the most southerly navigation recorded by any vessel at the Bay of Whales in Antarctica’s Ross Sea. Among other fascinating expedition destinations are: Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands; Bering Sea; Borneo; French Polynesia; Greenland; Melanesia; Namibia and Mid-Atlantic; Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands; Russia’s White Sea; and the Sea of Okhotsk.


About The World

Launched in 2002, The World® is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences.  A diverse group of Residents from 20 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations.  They circumnavigate the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that they select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service.


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