The World, Residences at Sea Announces 2022 Journey

London, England – May 2021: The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth ( has announced its extraordinary 2022 Journey. Traversing five continents, Residents and guests yearning for adventure will find their wanderlust sated with this spectacular itinerary that includes more than 93 ports of call. During three in-depth expeditions, those on board will explore fascinating destinations in the South Pacific and North Atlantic oceans.

The impressive itinerary will visit the world’s most beautiful, unique and captivating destinations across North America, South America, the South Pacific, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The World continuously navigates earth on an enlightening, educative and adventure-filled journey. Venturing from the far-flung tropical paradise of French Polynesia and the Pacific Islands, to the cosmopolitan culture of Western Europe and the dramatic wild landscapes of Iceland, the carefully considered and crafted itinerary, determined by the Residents themselves, has a new experience to discover at each port of call. Wander the streets of iconic global cities buzzing with culture or explore more remote, lesser travelled destinations for a true sense of discovery.

In 2022, Residents and guests commence the year cruising south to discover the unbridled natural beauty of the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands. The epic voyage continues onwards for three weeks of immersion in South American history, culture and wildlife with landings in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Colombia and a leisurely sojourn through the southern Caribbean before crossing the wide stretch of the Atlantic to disembark in Gibraltar. Sixteen weeks of sailing will encompass the best of Northern and Western Europe, from the beloved cities of Amsterdam and St. Petersburg to alternative destinations such as the Faroe Islands and Ireland’s Bantry Bay. A two month deep-dive into the Mediterranean will inspire with its rich heritage, picturesque villages and exemplary cuisine, encompassing exclusive experiences in Tunisia, Sicily, Cyprus, Montenegro, Israel, and Egypt. Residents and guests will embark on a spectacular sailing through the Suez Canal as the year’s journey nears its end to arrive in the spectacular luxury of Oman and Qatar, before marking the New Year in the incomparable Dubai.


2022 Expeditions

Residents and guests will embark on three expeditions, escorting them to some of the world’s most raw and untouched destinations, including a rare opportunity to undertake back-to-back 15-day expeditions: the first explores the Tuamotu and Marquesas archipelagos of French Polynesia, followed by a second voyage to Polynesia’s eastern extremity visiting the Austral Islands, Pitcairn and Easter Island. A third expedition later in the year calls on the land of fire and ice to discover the fascinating raw beauty of Iceland.

The ultimate experience, The World’s expeditions offer an in-depth look at a particular region. They are led by a team of experts and specialist lecturers who add new dimensions to each day by bringing with them hands-on experience and knowledge. Depending on the location, this may include anthropologists, marine biologists, dive and snorkel guides, historians, kayak guides, naturalists, oceanographers, ornithologists, and other local specialists. Professional photographers offer workshops to assist Residents in capturing memories of the majestic landscapes and cultures. The events are rounded out with informative lectures on board as well as a series of shore-based excursions for hands-on immersion.


French Polynesia: Tuamotus and Marquesas Islands Expedition

Nestled in the depths of French Polynesia are the Tuamotu Islands, where almost 80 islands and atolls appear to have been scattered across a carpet of azure ocean. This formation of the largest chain of atolls in the world is picture-perfect: the glistening waters, gentle swaying palms and pure white sands mean they are known as the jewels of the region. Removed from the development which has taken place in other areas, the Tuamotus remain as an unspoiled paradise. Iconic reefs and “passes” (channels between the atoll’s lagoon and the open sea) offer incredible diving and snorkeling. On these reefs, teeming with color, Residents and guests will be immersed in rich marine life including grey reef sharks, delicate angel fish and silently swooping manta rays.

This expedition will also travel to the Marquesas Islands, a group of younger, volcanic islands which jut from the ocean and are some of the most remote in the world – so much that they have their own time zone. Remarkably different to their neighbors and unprotected from the waves, the powerful surf on the coast is contrasted by the jagged ridges and lush interiors where herds of goats and horses run wild. Each of the islands has its own unique charms, from the black sand beaches and underwater caverns of Hiva Oa to the archaeological sites which tell of an populous and complex civilization on Nuku Hiva.


Pacific Islands Expedition: Austral Islands, Pitcairn and Easter Island

Not encountered by Europeans until the late 18th century, The Austral Islands are far off the beaten track yet sit waiting to reveal their breathtaking beauty to visitors. Across the seven islands there is a certain amount of mystery, with traces of long-gone settlements and civilizations peaking from the island growth. Where the cliffs and caves once acted as ancient burial grounds, today these coasts are the ideal place from which to watch humpback whales breach just off shore. Residents and guests will discover some of the most unaltered culture in the region. The inhabitants are known for their self-sufficiency, with hundreds of years subsisting on this remote land as farmers, fisherman and artisans who always greet with a renowned warm welcome.

The World will sail on to the legendary Pitcairn Islands, home to the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers. A story familiar to many; in the late 18th century a community of children and women led by John Adams was discovered, the sole survivor of the original nine mutineers. Today Pitcairn remains the least populated territory in the world with just 50 inhabitants. Pitcairn is not much larger than New York’s Central Park and is inaccessible by plane, yet is as captivating in its natural beauty as is the story it has to tell.

The expedition concludes in the iconic Rapa Nui (Easter Island), famed for its archaeological sites including the nearly 900 imposing moai statues created by its residents from the 13th to the 16th centuries. The mystical pull of the island is undoubtable, with its towering cliffs, barren open landscapes and far-reaching views across the endless ocean. The ceremonial village of Orongo, reconstructed and perched on the crater rim of Rano Kau, was the traditional center for the annual rituals of the Birdman Cult.


Iceland Expedition

In the furthest reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, hugging the Arctic Circle, sits Iceland. Reaching the island during the endless midnight summer sun, it’s the ideal time to discover its rugged, volcanic and truly wild majesty. By this time of year, the snow has retreated to unveil new life. The estimated 10,000 plus waterfalls roar with the rush of water and geysers bubble under the surface ready to burst. Bathe in the natural hot springs, explore ice caves and witness ancient glaciers which cover 10 percent of the island’s surface, gleaming in shades of blue and white. This wild coastline is ripe for exploring by kayak and Zodiac and an expert team of lecturers will bring the natural and cultural history alive.

Wildlife abounds with 23 species of whale migrating to the waters of Iceland’s fjords to feed on fish and krill, including the apex predator, the Orca. Comical Atlantic puffins, swift Arctic fox, antlered reindeer and the rugged Icelandic horse will delight observers. The expedition ends in Reykjavik, the northernmost capital city of a sovereign state in the world, which is quickly establishing a reputation for its cuisine and culture.


About The World

Launched in 2002, The World® is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences. A diverse group of more than 150 Residents from 20 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations. They circumnavigate the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that they select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service.

This private community at sea offers the ultimate combination of luxurious and enriching travel with world-class amenities and facilities. These include impeccable culinary mastery in six restaurants, exceptional golf facilities with onboard putting greens, a state-of-the-art golf simulator and resident pro, the only full-size, regulation tennis court at sea, swimming pools, a spa, a fitness center complete with personal trainers, expert destination lecturers, library, cinema, hobby and games rooms, and more.

This strikingly beautiful ship provides gracious and personalized service for the families who call The World home; all customized to Residents’ preferences in a warm and inviting ambience much like that of a private yacht, well-staffed home or exclusive country club. The average occupancy at one time is 150-200 Residents and guests, ensuring an intimate atmosphere.

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