Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition: Crossing the Equator

This morning we awoke with almost half the world behind us and half the world ahead of us. The equator crossing presented us with an opportunity to board Zodiacs ahead of The World and experience the Atlantic swell from a much more personal perspective.

We were given the chance to swim on the equator with 5000m of nothing below us. A flotilla of small boats looked back on The World, which stopped about one nautical mile south of the invisible line. All Crew were up on the bow cheering us on as Captain Johan sounded the Ship’s horn to mark the special moment.
As usual, our Enrichment Team put on a most memorable event, complete with seagoing toll booths and STOP and GO signs. They advised us that King Neptune was tired of sailors crossing the equator scot-free and therefore payment must be made.

Twenty seven took the plunge.

Incredibly, while heading out to a propeller-free swim spot we were treated to an up close and personal view of a passing pod of about 30 to 50 pilot whales.

Back onboard the Captain invited us all to the Bridge for some Norwegian “storm soup”. His recipe was skillfully made by the chef, and it was the perfect ending to such a wonderful morning. The excitement and wonder of the swim mid-ocean was palpable. With a gentle swell, no wind and warm water, this was definitely an experience that few have had.

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