Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition: A Quiet Good Friday Turns into an Adventurous Day for The World

Easter weekend is an important holiday for the community living in the former British Empire outpost of St. Helena, about 1,000mi / 1,610km off the coast of Angola, and Residents of The World were lucky to be on hand for a portion of this sacred time. On Good Friday almost everything in Jamestown was shuttered, other than houses of worship. It is traditionally a time to go fishing, and then camping for the rest of the weekend. A festive mood was evident the night before as hundreds of ‘Saints’ gathered on the pier, socializing and watching the comings and goings of The World.
On Good Friday a few groups of Residents & Guests sallied forth to Diana’s Peak, the highest point on the island. Despite a rainy start, the sun eventually appeared making for a very pleasant outing. As Jamestown was largely shut down for the holiday, it was nice to stroll through the quiet streets.

Explorations were not just terrestrial. Some Residents went out in a local boat for a few hours and were treated to the spectacular find of nearly 300 Spotted dolphins, leaping and playing all around the boat.

Divers went out twice, and snorkelers had a go in Lemon Bay, just off the shores of Lemon Valley. We have arrived in a bloom year for some fish species and numerous endemic St. Helenian varieties were seen, including huge numbers of ‘Cunning Fish’ (butterfly fish), ‘Blue Dad’s (the local parrotfish), and many eels. On the way back to the Ship, some of the divers and snorkelers were fortunate enough to find some huge Green turtles, including a mating group!

Tomorrow is our final day in St. Helena before heading off to Ascension, the smaller and even more remote of the British Overseas Territories.

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