The Incomparable Allure of East India & Southeast Asia

April opens with sun-drenched days on the coral islands of the Seychelles and Maldives. With their white-sand beaches, majestic granite cliffs, lush jungles, and aquamarine waters, these dreamscape hideaways never disappoint. The sites are just as stunning below sea level, and expert-led dives uncover astonishing marine life—from gigantic gorgonian fans and barrel sponges to manta rays, sea turtles, and a wide variety of invertebrates and fish. On land, step into the forest of palms and encounter rare wildlife, like the Seychelles Black Parrot or the Seychelles Flying Fox. 

Forging east, the Ship stops in Sri Lanka before making several ports of call in India, where the roots of human culture collide with some of its most exciting contemporary expressions. Residents will experience a full immersion into the nation’s opulent mix of spiritualism, tradition, and energy, coupled with its unforgettable sights, sounds, and flavors. The Journey then continues with a deep exploration of the rich history and natural wonder of Southeast Asia in May and June. Over a dozen landings scattered across Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam gives Residents an unparalleled look at the region—from bustling meccas and lost cities to remote jungles and paradisiacal beaches—before setting course for China.

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