South Pacific serenity and adventure

Including rare, back-to-back expeditions

The warm breezes of the Pacific Islands beckon Residents to lose themselves in the idyllic beauty of powdery beaches and crystal-clear waters. Beginning in the dreamy lagoon of Christmas Island, the Ship will forge southeast to French Polynesia. At the first landing in Papeete, Residents will have the chance to experience lively nightlife and seek out black pearls in local markets before sailing on to  several days in the lagoons and mountains of Moorea, said to be the real-world paradise that inspired the fabled Bali Hai.

The World will bring Residents to explore hidden temples and experience the culture, history, and hospitality of the magical island of Raiatea, which is believed to be the birthplace of Polynesian society. The Ship then continues through to Bora Bora, the famous pinnacle of Polynesian scenic beauty, before visiting the lush garden island of Huahine.

There will also be a rare opportunity for the truly adventurous of spirit with two back-to-back Expeditions: the first delving into the waters and jungles of the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Marquesas of French Polynesia, followed by a second among the fascinating people and dreamlike natural beauty of the Austral Islands.

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