Sailing the wild North Atlantic

Leaving the Baltic Sea behind, The World will embark on an exploration of the rugged, beautiful coastlines and islands of the North Atlantic. Here the Gulf Stream brings relatively mild weather, despite the extreme latitude, and the local communities of fisherfolk and craftsmen glow with music, strong spirit, and hospitality.

In Scotland, The World will visit Leith and Invergordon, where Residents & Guests will discover rich history, legendary golf links, and a connoisseur’s dream tour of Speyside whiskey distilleries. After a landing at the Faroe Islands capital of Torshavn, the Ship makes its way to Iceland with an anchoring in the beautiful port of Akureyri. Iceland is also the location of an extraordinary 12-day Expedition, guided by leading experts in Icelandic ecology, history, and culture.

After the Expedition and a landing at Reykjavik, The World leaves Iceland to begin 4 weeks of breathtaking beauty on the Scottish and Irish Atlantic coasts. In Scotland, the Ship will visit the Hebridean port of Stornoway, as well as the coastal gems of Oban and Greenock.

In the west of Ireland, Residents & Guests will find some of the most spectacular scenery and warmest local welcomes of the Journey in the ports of Bangor and Killybegs. Become immersed in the Irish experience with buskers and dancers on the cobblestone streets of Galway, in the shops of Dingle, in the pubs of Bantry, and in the cathedrals of Cork.

Then it’s back to the European mainland for a brief Portuguese landing before forging forward into the Mediterranean.

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