Journey 2022

2022 Journey

Your Year for Incomparable Adventure

Embark on a Journey like no other, as your home aboard The World traverses five continents on a voyage of beauty, culture, and excitement. Residents & Guests begin New Year’s Day in sunny San Diego and spend January and February cruising the majestic Pacific – savoring the dreamlike beauty of the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands. There will also be a rare opportunity for the truly adventurous with back-to-back Expeditions: the first in the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Marquesas of French Polynesia, followed by a second among the fascinating people and natural beauty of the Austral Islands. Then sail eastward for two-and-a-half weeks of immersion in rich South American history, culture, and wildlife at landings in Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia and a leisurely sojourn through the southern Caribbean before crossing the Atlantic to disembark in Cadiz, Spain.

In late May, set sail once more for 16 spectacular weeks encompassing all that Northern Europe and the North Atlantic have to offer. Experience beloved cultural capitals like Amsterdam and Stockholm, delve into less-visited destinations such as the Faroe Islands and Bantry, Ireland, and make a once-in-a-lifetime Expedition across the rugged volcanic majesty of Iceland. Expand your understanding and explore every corner of the Mediterranean throughout two months of curated, exclusive experiences in Tunisia, Sicily, Cyprus, Montenegro, Israel, and Egypt. Pass through the Suez Canal into the final magnificent weeks of the year’s Journey, and step into the ancient sites and cosmopolitan luxury of Oman and Qatar, before ringing in 2023 on New Year’s Eve in the sparkling gem of Dubai.

Pacific North America

Setting out from California, The World’s 2022 Journey begins with three days on the coast of sunny San Diego, where Residents will enjoy the winding coastal cliffs, amazing local music scene, and the gorgeous sunsets from an abundance of beautiful beaches. The following week will be spent at sea, with ample time for relaxing and planning for the Journey to come.

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Pacific Islands & French Polynesia Expeditions

The warm breezes and of the Pacific Islands beckon Residents to lose themselves in the idyllic beauty of powdery beaches and crystal-clear waters. Beginning in the dreamy lagoon of Christmas Island, the Ship will forge southeast to French Polynesia. At the first landing in Papeete, Residents will have the chance to experience the lively nightlife and seek out black pearls in local markets before sailing on to spend several days in the lagoons and mountains of Moorea, said to be the real-world paradise that inspired the fabled Bali Hai.

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South America & Caribbean

The Journey resumes with a more leisurely pace as The World sails eastward from the Pacific Islands to spend a month immersed in the incomparably colorful wildlife, cuisines, and cultures of South America, including ports of call in the southern Caribbean.

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Northern Europe

Refreshed and eager to explore, Residents & Guests will spend several weeks exploring the cultural capitals and charming seaside villages of Northern Europe. Amid the cliffs and castles, the wineries and museums, the rich history of these ancient lands flows vibrantly into the shifting and emerging streams of art, culture, and cuisine, ready to be explored and appreciated.

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North Atlantic & Iceland Expedition

Leaving the Baltic Sea behind, The World will embark on an exploration of the rugged, beautiful coastlines and islands of the North Atlantic. Here the Gulf Stream brings relatively mild weather, despite the extreme latitude, and the local communities of fisherfolk and craftsmen glow with music, strong spirit, and hospitality.

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Of all the Seas that The World sails, few are so rich in history, culture, and breathtaking natural beauty as the Mediterranean. Beginning in late September, Residents & Guests will experience the ancient history and contemporary cosmopolitan excitement of over two dozen landings in 11 countries, on a leisurely sojourn eastward from the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Middle East

The final weeks of the year’s Journey will be some of the most magnificent, with visits to some of the most exciting destinations in the Middle East. Making 9 landings in 5 different countries, The World will traverse the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, giving Residents & Guests opportunities to step into deep antiquity and heights of modern sophistication.

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