Dinner with friends, while traversing the Kiel Canal

Originally constructed between 1887 and 1895 and named in honor of Kaiser Wilheim, the Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostsee Kanal) is the world’s busiest artificial waterway. The freshwater Kiel Canal saves considerable time going from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea (not sailing through the rough waters off the Jutland Peninsula) across northern Germany.
During The World’s recent Journey through the canal, we hosted a dinner party in our Residence for friends. Not only did we enjoy an amazing meal and great company, but we were also rewarded with spectacular views of the German countryside.

kiel-canal-2A hotel and homes along the side of the Kiel Canal, Germany
kiel-canal-3A railroad bridge, one of several crossings of the canal (the automobile-truck bridges are free)
kiel-canal-4An appetizer of homemade crab cakes, asparagus, mache, and tomatoes for a dinner party for friends on the ship, while transiting the Kiel Canal
kiel-canal-5The entrée, prepared by our co-hosts, of filet mignon with wild mushrooms and a Cabernet Sauvignon sauce with Dauphinoise potatoes & haricot verts.
kiel-canal-6The dessert was a chocolate-caramel tarte based on a Parisian family recipe from our friend.

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