Borneo Expedition: The wildlife of Sandakan

While the vessel was berthed in Sandakan port, Residents & Guests ventured different paths. Some opted off the vessel to do an overnight Kinabatang River Trip, while others stayed closer to home to sample regional attractions.
Those on the overnight trip journeyed to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Here, rescued orangutans and sun bears were being groomed to be released back into the wild.

Following the Rehabilitation Centre we made a quick stop at Gomangton Cave. The cave stood 90 meters tall, and with the help of the piercing shard of light from above, made a dramatic natural cathedral.

Between the bats, the bugs and the smell, this site was not for the faint. Afterwards, we enjoyed a boat ride along the Kinabatang River which is known as the “Corridor of Life” due to the abundance of wildlife that resides in the rainforest that hugs the river. The afternoon, evening and night river boat tours showcased a variety of wildlife. The proboscis monkey was a highlight, however kingfishers, hornbills, snakes, macaques and even crocodiles were spotted.

Residents & Guests who opted to stay on board were treated to a morning Heritage Tour of Sandakan as well as a Night Walk through the local forest. On the Night Walk, many small and nocturnal creatures were spotted. Our Expedition photographer, Justin Hofman, captured a huntsman spider (missing two limbs) perched on a leaf.

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