Whale Watching at Point Adolphus

Once everyone was gathered together, we walked through the little village of Icy Strait Point to the dock where the whale watching boat was waiting.
The skies had cleared for our 30 minute trip to Point Adolphus where the humpbacks gather to feed in the summer. On the way, we saw some very active Dall’s porpoises spinning through the water. Once at the appointed spot, we didn’t have to wait long for the show to begin. Unlike in Juneau, there seemed to be only one whale feeding here but he was enough. Minutes after the engines quieted, we saw the spray and up he came, straight out of the water!

This fellow was very active and put on a real show. When he stopped for a while we moved on, but then noticed him jumping again. So we went back. I think we watched him for over an hour. It was worth every minute.

Finally, we headed back to the dock as we had to be onboard by 5:30. Departure was at 6:00 and Monday would be a day at sea heading for the Hubbard Glacier.

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