The World’s Svalbard Expedition: Exploring The Red Fjord

Raudfjorden (The Red Fjord), Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard


After two days looking for wildlife in the Arctic Pack Ice north of Svalbard (setting a record for the furthest north the Ship has ever sailed — reaching Latitude 82º 41’ North and Longitude 022º 57.91’ East), we sailed south overnight and in the morning anchored in a beautiful long fjord on the northwest corner of Spitsbergen Island, Raudfjorden (The Red Fjord). We explored the area in Zodiacs, guided by experts from our expedition team. The fjord features little bays with tumbling glaciers and old Devonian red sandstone. We enjoyed our hour-plus 8 a.m. exploration of the small bay with glaciers, icebergs, a bird cliff, and rock islands.


Three’s company; just after I pressed the shutter, like ballet dancers, all of them dove down underwater to hunt for lunch



Stunning glacial erosion

  Not everyone sees a crocodile in the center (a face of ice, a body of rock)


Our Ship at anchor behind the icebergs in the middle of the fjord

Posted by Rich E.
September 18, 2018