Swimming Around The World

What would normally have been just another relaxing “sea day” while traveling from Balikpapan to Parepare during our Borneo excursion, turned out to be quite an exciting marina day. As the vessel made its way toward the equator in flat, calm sea conditions, it was suggested we offer Residents and Guests the opportunity to swim across. This then turned into approval for a “casual swim around the vessel,” which then somehow turned into a “race around The World.

At 1:00 p.m., in 2,000 meters of deep blue ocean, Captain made his way down aft, and officiated the start of the race. What a sight. Close to 50 Residents and Guests, splashing and churning up the water to resemble a washing machine as they chased each other around the ship. In hindsight, there was little chance of anyone else winning but the victor, who dominated the race from beginning to end, and won easily by half the ship’s length. Well done!
Not all participants were competitors, and in fact many opted for a leisurely swim around the vessel. Either way, it was fun all around.

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