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Outfitted with a team of leading industry experts – often 20 or more – The World’s Expeditions provide Residents & Guests with an enriching experience that is unparalleled – both onboard and off. The team engages them with meaningful discussions on the culture, natural environment, history, and flora and fauna of each leg on every Expedition. Armed with that knowledge, Residents & Guests explore some of the most fascinating destinations, often participating in local customs, witnessing wildlife up close, and embarking on record-breaking adventures. Expeditions occur one to three times per year. Take a look at some of the amazing footage captured on these unique Journeys above or read about some of our most recent Expeditions below.

East Greenland Expedition

For centuries, only the boldest voyagers have braved the untamed, icy North Atlantic to gaze upon the rugged majesty of Greenland’s glacier-hewn shores. Naturally, the adventurous Residents & Guests of The World welcomed the opportunity for a special Expedition to spend 17 days immersed in the vast, timeless beauty…

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Namibia & Mid-Atlantic Expedition

There are few places on Earth to rival the scenic beauty and rich biodiversity of the coast of South Africa and the captivating islands that lie well off the mainland in the middle of the Atlantic. The World’s Expedition Team guided Residents & Guests through the sights, music, cuisine, and culture of this enchanting region…

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Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands Expedition

To explore Antarctica is truly to sail to the end of the Earth. In a month-long Expedition, Residents & Guests had the unique opportunity to venture into the Antarctic Circle and follow in the spirit and course of the legendary Ernest Shackleton, experiencing this awe-inspiring, irresistibly beautiful environment like none have before…

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British Isles/Hebrides Exploration

Soaring cliffs, cozy seaside villages, and stone dwellings older than recorded history– the timeless mystique of the northern British Isles has called to adventurous seafarers since the dawn of history. Over the course of eleven magnificent days, The World’s Exploration of this captivating region traced…

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Svalbard Expedition

In a wintery land where daily survival is a challenge and polar bears outnumber people, Svalbard is an untouched Arctic wilderness visited by only the hardiest travelers. During a thirteen-day Expedition, Residents & Guests of The World experienced the wild beauty, vibrant local culture, and unique cuisine…

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Madagascar and Aldabra Expedition

Madagascar is an isolated oasis; a region rich in biodiversity that neighbors numerous isolated and rarely visited islands. During a month-long Expedition, Residents & Guests of The World ventured through remote regions of Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel to explore sights that few have seen before…

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Northwest Passage Expedition

North of Canada is an icy labyrinth of channels weaving over 1,000 miles that few have navigated through. The World made history as the largest passenger vessel to ever voyage through the Northwest Passage, as Residents & Guests followed in the footsteps of renowned explorer, Roald Amundsen…

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