Gastronomic Excellence Reigns Supreme on The World

From locally-sourced cocktail ingredients to world-renowned guest chefs

Innovative gastronomic creations that delight the palate.  Extraordinary skill in preparing global cuisine with the freshest local ingredients. Unmatched passion, creativity and enthusiasm. This is what distinguishes and defines the experience of dining on The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth.

Restaurants & Dining Options

For the 142 families who call The World home, the quality and diversity of its foods and beverages, as well as the high-level of service presented is of supreme importance. The Ship’s four main restaurants include East (eclectic Asian delights), Marina (prime steaks and seafood), Portraits (haute cuisine), and Tides (Mediterranean cuisine with Northern Italian flair). Additional dining choices are Fredy’s Deli (a casual café and gourmet market that gets stocked with local produce in every port) and the Poolside Grill.

Playing ‘Explorer’ – Sourcing Local Products

The masterful Food & Beverage (F&B) Team displays their unrivaled culinary wizardry by embracing the local products and distinct flavors of the destinations visited across the world and showcasing them in inventive menus. When in port members of the F&B team don ‘explorer’ hats and go in search of local markets for fresh and indigenous ingredients. Whether featuring Alaskan king crab, French cheeses and truffles, Peruvian trout or Caribbean spiny lobster, The World’s chefs bring the destination alive through food to further enhance the Journey. Residents sometimes accompany the chefs to local markets to further immerse themselves in the culture and enrich their culinary knowledge.

Creative Cocktails & Elite Spirits

A cocktail is only as good as its ingredients. The World’s Beverage Team styles its cocktails applying the principles of modern mixology. Drinks are prepared with market-fresh, high quality products using premium spirits primarily crafted by artisan distilleries. To enhance the flavor profile, delicate herbal and floral aromas are added by using homemade infusions.

The Timeless Classics section of the Ship’s bar list features notable classic cocktails using traditional recipes from years gone by. Pre- and post-prohibition drinks that time has forgotten are revived and re-mixed with the finest spirits and liqueurs. For The World’s signature cocktails, inspiration is sourced from the flavors of the season and ingredients from the destinations visited.

While one typically thinks of sourcing local products in terms of food, it is equally as important to The World’s Beverage Team. Bartenders are on a constant quest to discover and incorporate unique local beverages, fruits, herbs and spices into drinks. Inspired by the Ship’s journeys to Asia, the team created a cocktail menu reflecting the exotic flavors and distinctive ingredients across the region. Artisanally crafted sake, shochu and Japanese whiskies were used as a spirits base. Calamansi fruit replaced lemon and infusions with pandan and kaffir lime leaves, and yuzu were used to transfer the essence of the destination into the glass. Tropical fruits like mangosteen, soursop, longan and jack fruit were incorporated into smoothies while the flavors of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon were represented by lucuma, aguyamanto, aguaje, tuna and cocona fruits. New green drinks with bitter gourd, battle gourd and various algae from the Asian markets were developed to boost the immune system.

The Ship also hosts world-renowned bar professionals who share their knowledge and skills during mixology sessions. One of the world’s leading mixologists, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, has revolutionized the art of the tiki cocktail and hosted mixing events for Residents & Guests.

The team is always on the lookout for off-the-radar elite wines and spirits. They have brought on board small batches of vodkas from France and New Zealand, exclusive whiskies from Scotland and Japan, pisco from Peru, brandies from Austria and Germany and an unmatched collection of over 40 labels of sake, many of them selected locally during visits to breweries in Japan.

The World’s wine cellar has a capacity of 16,000 bottles. A certified Sommelier Team offers more than 1,100 hand-picked selections from 19 countries. The Ship’s Journey often includes the world’s great wine regions where opportunities to purchase and explore wines locally present themselves. Many of the Ship’s featured wines are produced by small boutique wineries whose production is less and highly allocated.

The Sommelier Team strives for the ultimate level of wine service. Every detail is considered, from perfect stemware to decanting tools and correct service temperatures. Each bottle on board is stored under temperature control. The main cellar consists of two wine rooms, one for red and one for white, which are maintained at preferred service temperatures, 18°C and 12°C respectively. Two custom-made wine vaults ensure appropriate wine storage in the Ship’s restaurants while the wines-by-the-glass program makes use of the Enomatic Wine Preservation System.

Residents can imbibe in numerous cocktail lounges and bars on board including the Cigar Club (featuring 40 different kinds of cigars), Lobby Bar, Marina Bar, Pool Bar, Regatta Bar and Quantum.

Guest Chefs & Winemaker Dinners

Several times a year, guest chefs and winemakers visit the Ship to “bring the destination alive”. Guest chefs craft savory menus highlighting specialties of a particular region, showcasing diverse flavors and culinary styles. Winemakers from around the world host special events while the Ship is en route to a region well known for its wine. Master distillers introduce Residents to lesser known spirits brands. They work with The World’s chefs and sommeliers to arrange tastings and multi-course dinners for an evening of delightful food and conversation.

The World has welcomed renowned Peruvian Chef James Berckemeyer of La Ladrillera restaurant in Lima where he cooked authentic Latin cuisine during a five-course dinner showcasing mouthwatering dishes like Seco de Cordero (braised veal cheek with cilantro sauce). Whilst the Ship sailed from Jakarta to Brunei, Asian culture and cuisine authority Ying Chang Compestine hosted workshops where she discussed her deep connection between food, writing and growing up in Mao’s China. Known for healthy Asian cooking and books on the subject, several of her recipes were featured in the Ship’s Asian restaurant, East, during her visit.

The Ship’s extensive Journey Down Under brought many opportunities for Resident wine connoisseurs to enjoy and learn about the region’s rich wine-making culture and award-winning wines. Among the wineries hosting tastings on board were Te Mata Estate Wines, New Zealand’s oldest winery. Residents also ventured ashore for exclusive tours and tastings to Kumeu River Winery, Craggy Range Winery, Herzog Winery, Trinity Hill Winery and Gimblett Gravels terrôir. During The World’s call to Australia a winemakers’ dinner in the Ship’s haute cuisine restaurant, Portraits, was held with hosts Nathan Kinzbrunner of Giaconda Winery and Doug Neal of Paradise IV Winery. The fine-dining experience featured specialty dishes created by The World’s chefs to go with each handcrafted wine.

‘Fresh’ is The Order of The Day

Approximately 35 percent of the food on The World is bought fresh – an extremely high percentage for a passenger vessel that’s always on the move. Aside from the daily fresh-baked breads and pastries, as well as what is acquired locally, food can be flown to ports by air freight and are then quickly delivered to the Ship to ensure optimum quality.

Call-a-Chef For a Unique Dining Experience

Residents seeking a unique and truly personalized dining and entertainment option can take advantage of The World’s “Call-A-Chef™” program. Here, a chef will prepare a delicious meal in the privacy of their Residence – for a romantic dinner, special celebration or get-together with friends.

About The World

Launched in 2002, The World® is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences. A diverse group of Residents from 19 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations. They circumnavigate the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that they select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service. To learn more about this unique lifestyle call 954-538-8449 or visit

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