The World Announces Next 2018 Nobel Laureate Speaker

May 2018


The World, Residences at Sea has announced Dr. Edvard Ingjald Moser as the next speaker in its esteemed The World Nobel Laureate Lecture Series. The 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine will lecture on the brain’s “maps of space” when The World visits Trondheim, Norway in August 2018. Dr. Moser shared the prize with May-Britt Moser and John O’Keefe “for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain.”

Residents and Guests of The World will hear Dr. Moser discuss recent advances that have been made at the interface between neuroscience and psychology. Using the brain’s mechanisms for creating maps of space as an example, he will show that we are beginning to comprehend how complex brain functions are generated by electrical activity among thousands of collaborating nerve cells in the brain. He will also discuss the mechanisms of memory formation and memory loss, and the implications of these in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.


Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

The World Nobel Laureate Lecture Series was launched in September 2017 to bring esteemed Nobel Prize Laureates to the Ship annually to lecture on topics in their respective fields such as medicine, economics and science. The program kicked off last year with esteemed 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Dr. Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the blue LED (light-emitting diode).

Working in conjunction with two of the Ship’s Residents who are serving as Program Ambassadors, the speaker series offers The World’s Residents the opportunity to personally connect with and learn from internationally-renowned Nobel Prize Laureates. The series complements the Ship’s longstanding onboard lecture program which enriches Residents’ intellectual exploration at the highest academic levels, an aspect of the unique lifestyle cherished by the Residents. Residents have often commented that living on The World is like getting an advanced degree while traveling the globe to more than 100 ports of call annually. Special guests speak on a variety of topics such as history, culture and business that are designed to “bring the journey and destination alive”.


About The World
Launched in 2002, The World® is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences. A diverse group of Residents from 19 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations. They circumnavigate the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that they select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service.


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Photo credit: TiTT Melhuus / Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience



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