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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – We all have our daily routine – business appointments, investment decisions, social and charitable engagements. A frenetic pace that sometimes seems to be controlling us instead of the other way around. Even retreating to our weekend home requires planning and effort.

Imagine a vacation home where everything is taken care of; a sanctuary where your every whim is known. Instead of returning to the same address, you’re on an infinite voyage around the world to its most exotic ports of call. Whether you’re anchoring off the coast of St. Barts and gazing at the rainforest, enjoying a sunset camel safari in Australia, or marching alongside king penguins in Antarctica, you can be as active or as tranquil as you like. This is the lifestyle aboard The World, the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth.

The World is home to only 150 families. Hailing primarily from the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia, Residents share a sense of adventure, freedom and exploration. Home is one of 165 bespoke private residences on a one-of-a-kind Ship that sails nonstop to the most breathtaking destinations imaginable – a different locale every few days. This exclusive community offers the ultimate combination of luxury travel with world-class dining, custom destination experiences and enriching cultural events. Extraordinary experiences are the norm. Like dining at acclaimed Spanish Chef Ferran Adria’s three Michelin star elBulli before it closed its doors, enjoying the running of the bulls in a private Pamplona apartment, or savoring champagne and caviar atop an Antarctic glacier after arriving by private helicopter.


Luxury is Knowing Our Residents’ Personal Preferences

It’s all about knowing Residents’ personal preferences and delivering the highest levels of service. On The World luxury is getting what you want, when you want it, without having to ask for it – and not even knowing you wanted it. It’s a sommelier who knows every Resident’s wine preferences or a housekeeper who knows how a family likes their refrigerator stocked each time they return to the Ship, not to mention their favorite flowers brilliantly displayed in the foyer.


Bringing the Destinations Alive

Luxury is customized, exclusive and authentic experiences that money can’t buy. The World’s crew ‘bring the destinations alive’ in countless ways through one-of-a-kind events like watching Melanesia’s Pentacost land divers perform a centuries old custom of jumping from wooden platforms with vine-wrapped ankles; sailing Canada’s Northwest Passage, a record-breaking voyage, while a mother Polar bear and her cub gaze at you from a nearby ice floe; enjoying the Resident band “Fabulous Fossils” perform cliff-side in Greenland from an assemblage of Zodiacs and kayaks floating in the sea below; playing golf in the Antarctic snow after retracing Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic steps or swimming across the equator off Africa’s west coast joined by a pod of 30-50 pilot whales, the Ship’s horn marking the exact moment.


Food and Wine

Dining ranges in style, ambiance, and presentation; from Asian to Mediterranean and deli to haute cuisine. Portraits, considered by many to be among the finest restaurants on earth, is the ultimate gastronomic experience. The Ship’s wine cellar has a capacity of 15,000 bottles, many collected in local ports by its certified Sommelier Team or from winemakers who come aboard to lecture and host tastings.

An impressive 1,200 hand-picked selections from 20 countries, including an extensive sake selection of 34 labels and a top tier spirits selection of over 300 labels, completes the Ship’s offering. Looking to entertain or for a romantic dinner at home? The Call-a-Chef™ program offers private chef service in your Residence. There is no need to remind the wait staff how you like your beef prepared. The onboard team knows your preferences, from how you like your steak cooked to special dietary requirements.

Beyond The World’s dining options, the culinary experiences ashore are endless. Whether you’re in the mood to stroll to an Amsterdam café or take a limo to a Bordeaux chateau for a five-course meal, The World Concierge will make all the arrangements, including after-dinner entertainment and your transfer back to the Ship for a nightcap before bed.


Health and Fitness

For those seeking health and fitness and a more active lifestyle, start your day with a yoga or Pilates class or meet a personal trainer in the Fitness Center. Refresh after a match on the full-size tennis court with a dip in one of two pools. Shoreside activities might include some cycling on Residents’ own bikes that are stored on board or hiking a mountain trail to catch spectacular views. Golfers take note – in addition to private lessons, the pro will help improve your game on the putting greens, chipping areas, driving range and simulator – even make reservations for you at signature courses all over the world.


The World Spa & Wellness Center

If relaxation is your idea of luxury, visit The World Spa & Wellness Center, the only one of its kind at sea. This 7,000-square-foot sanctuary offers the ultimate in pampering and revitalization. A full menu of treatments is customized to suit individual preferences such as lipo-laser body contouring; multi-wave LED therapy for anti-aging / pain management; oxidative stress cell repair therapy and an innovative Vichy bed for enhanced full body hammam treatments. The World is only the second ship to offer this exclusive and unique massage bed. The Aqua Spa pool boasts state-of-the-art Cleopatra infrared heated relaxation beds and separated integrated steam and sauna rooms for complete tranquility. Physiotherapy treatments are available upon request by the Ship’s resident physiotherapist.


The World Concierge

Personalized service is also available from The World Concierge (TWC) to explore exciting destinations. Whether it’s sightseeing Casablanca on your own in a private car, strapping on hiking boots for a trek to Cape Town’s Table Mountain, or joining other Residents for an overnight stay at Sri Lanka’s Udawalawe National Park, a World Heritage site, TWC will customize “an experience” just for you.


About The World

Launched in 2002, The World® is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences. A diverse group of Residents from 20 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations. They circumnavigate the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that they select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service. To learn more about this unique lifestyle call 954-538-8449 or visit


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December 2021

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