Midnight Cruising at Cape Roget

Our arrival into Cape Roget coincided with the beginning of the “Midnight Sun” experience when the sun remains continuously above or only partially below the horizon for 24 hours. As a result, the sun is still visible at midnight local time and daylight continues throughout the night. Therefore, it would still be light even when we departed for our Zodiac cruise at nearly 11:00PM. Even though there is still daylight, it is a much softer version and it colors things quite differently.
So, we geared up and jumped into the Zodiac about 10:45PM for what turned out to be a nearly 90 minute cruise. It was a bit cooler than this afternoon, but very magical. To begin with, there were huge swells off the coast – between six and nine feet – which made the entry into the Zodiac interesting. But once we were out in the water it was lots of fun bobbing up and down. No animals were visible, but the ice and surrounding mountains were all we needed.

Rounding the corner of an iceberg with a Zodiac that illustrates how high the ice towers above

The reflections on the still water were spectacular

A good example of the different colors of ice

Even with the sun still shining, it was fairly cold and after an hour on the water most of us were ready to return to the ship. We got back on about 12:15AM and didn’t even stop for hot chocolate. Tonight we had to set the clocks ahead one hour so by the time we got to bed it was nearly 2:00AM – and still light outside!

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