Melanesia Expedition: Sabulo Island, Solomon Islands

This was a busy morning, up early for a 7:30 AM dive, which was on a large wall and quite fascinating. Then a quick dash back to go to shore and look at the exquisite marketplace.
The shore was lined with small colorful boats in which people had sailed from neighboring islands to display their wares. There were different kinds of wood, from ebony to coconut to something called kerosene wood. And many of the pieces had inlaid mother of pearl or bone as decoration. It was difficult to choose, but I had a good bit of Solomon Islands money that needed to be spent. I ended up with a small bowl of coconut wood and a kerosene wood carving. And spent all the money!

Then it was back to the ship to change for the 11:00 AM dive. This was on the same wall as earlier, and also very interesting. We were a little too deep for good color, but there were some really pretty corals and at the end of the dive in shallow water I managed a few colors.

With such an early start I had the entire afternoon “off” as I had declined the third dive of the day. It was spent reading by the pool and dinner was a quiet one at home.

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