“Mama’s” Canarian luncheon at her private home in El Sauzal, Tenerife, Canary Islands

El Sauzal is a tranquil town on the northwest side of Tenerife, Canary Islands, that is surrounded by vineyards. It presents a delightful change of pace from the busier tourist destinations. We had the opportunity learn about the agricultural, viniculture and religious history of the area.

sauzal-hillsideContemporary residences on the hillside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in El Sauzal, Tenerife

After touring the Gofio Mill (Molino de Grofio) and viewing the Tenerife coast on the way into the town of El Sauzal, we visited the San Pedro Apostol Church.

sauzal-san-pedro-1San Pedro Apostol Church, built in 1515 by order of Queen Joan of Castille

San Pedro Apostol Church was built in 1515 by order of Queen Joan of Castille. It served as the headquarters for the Cabildo of Tenerife (Tenerife Island Council) when a plague devastated La Laguna, a city on the northern end of Tenerife. The church features a Byzantine dome, which was very familiar to the Spanish architects who came to the island to design and construct the church. The interior features a one ton (2,000 pounds/907 kilograms) silver tabernacle, crafted from Mexican silver in the Baroque style by silversmiths from La Laguna. The church also contains a large collection of Andalusian paintings of the Virgin and the Saints.

sauzal-san-pedro-alterThe altar piece is made from 2,000 pounds/907 kilograms of Mexican silver
which does not tarnish, in San Pedro Apostol Church

After visiting San Pedro, we then had the opportunity to experience genuine Canarian hospitality over lunch with “Mama” at a private home where the lady of the house prepared a local meal featuring salad with white cheese, codfish, Papas Arrugadas (“wrinkled potatoes”), local wine, dessert, a dessert wine and beverages.

sauzal-appetizerWhite cheese appetizer with apples at our “Mama’s” Canarian luncheon at her private home in El Sauzal
sauzal-saladFresh green and fruit salad with local ingredients at our “Mama’s” Canarian luncheon
sauzal-breadMama serving her freshly baked raisin-nutmeg bread
sauzal-codLocal codfish with caramelized onions and Canarian Papas Arrugadas
(“wrinkled potatoes”) at our “Mama’s” Canarian luncheon
sauzal-dessertCanarian-style “tiramisu” for postre (dessert) at our “Mama’s” Canarian luncheon

Later, our coffee was enjoyed on the patio overlooking the coast at the elegant colonial-era home of the Marquis of El Sauzal.

sauzal-libraryThe library in the elegant colonial-era home of the Marquis of El Sauzal
sauzal-library-viewThe magnificent view south along the coast of Tenerife from the library in the
elegant colonial-era home of the Marquis of El Sauzal
sauzal-sunsetA colorful sunset from our ship (anchored) as another ship sailed west at
dinnertime from Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Canary Islands

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