History and Mythos in the Mediterranean

In 2023, The World will spend two magnificent months plying the azure waters and rocky coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, from its easternmost Turkish shores to the Straits of Gibraltar. At March and April landings in Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece, Residents will wander cobblestone streets and hike sundrenched hillsides. Where the Ionian and Adriatic Seas meet, the Ship will anchor in Albania’s Vlorë Bay.

In Montenegro and Croatia The World’s explorers will be welcomed by the storybook seaside charm of cities like Dubrovnik and Šibenik. Continuing westward, 15 leisurely days spent in the isles of Italy and France will delight gastronomes and sun worshipers alike as the Ship makes landings in Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, where the echoes of antiquity mix with the lively local music echoing across the piazzas and tiled roofs.

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