The Iberian Peninsula and Western Europe

Dartmouth, England Lisbon, Portugal Bilbao, Spain Bordeaux, France Concarneau, France Malaga, Spain

Western European Exploration

This chapter of the 2023 Journey opens on The World tracing the Iberian coastline. In Spain and Portugal, Residents will marvel at magnificent architecture ranging from the medieval to the modern, savoring the local cuisine and exploring extraordinary museums in Barcelona, Lisbon, and Bilbao.

Then The World sails the northern coast of France, with landings in Concarneau and Bordeaux, where Residents will find entrancing art galleries, seaside cafes, and some of the most celebrated wineries on Earth. Across the English Channel, the storied cities and cozy seaside villages of the United Kingdom await. Two leisurely weeks here in Wales and England will include curated experiences for Residents in Falmouth and Dartmouth, on the Isle of Wight, and in London before turning the page on this western European adventure.

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