Journey 2023

2023 Journey

Endless Exploration Aboard The World

Sailing every ocean on Earth and exploring six continents, The World’s 2023 Journey will be truly unforgettable. Embark on this voyage of boundless discovery and unparalleled luxury as a Resident owner aboard the only yacht of its kind. With incomparable amenities throughout the Ship and curated experiences at every destination, yours is a lifestyle unlike anything else on Earth or at sea.

Depart from Dubai, sailing throughout southern Asia for six weeks before continuing to the Middle East. Enjoy a two-month Mediterranean odyssey, then trace the European coast northward and make the fabled Northeast Passage over the northern coast of Eurasia to Alaska. Spend Autumn sailing slowly southward along North America’s Pacific Coast before a southern sojourn that includes Central and South America. Finish the year boldly with the adventure of a lifetime, as The World embarks on two back-to-back expeditions among the incomparable majesty of Antarctica.

Of course, the 2023 Journey is more than just an itinerary. You will immerse yourself in authentic encounters with fascinating cultures and breathtaking natural beauty from India to Egypt and Cyprus to Sweden, from the rugged coast of British Columbia to the shimmering Mexican Riviera. Savor the art, history, and cuisine of over 100 ports, from sprawling capital cities to cozy seaside villages and pristine, rarely seen shorelines. Delve into extended adventures with Expeditions in the Northeast Passage and the Antarctic.

Truly, each day of 2023 will be an adventure aboard The World, the most extraordinary home you will ever own.

South Asia

After setting sail from Dubai, The World’s 2023 Journey begins in earnest at Mumbai, India. Throughout landings at Mormugoa, Mangalore, and Cochin, Residents will encounter some of the most ancient roots of human culture, as well as many of its most exciting contemporary expressions. The Ship then sails to the teardrop island of Sri Lanka, where the global spice trade began, mountaintop temples call to the spirit, and rich biodiversity thrives.

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The Middle East

The World’s exploration of the Middle East begins in mid-April at Salalah, Oman, where Residents will appreciate the architectural sophistication and delve into the striking natural beauty of canyon springs, waterfalls, and sandstone cliffs. Then set sail to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where shining skyscrapers rear up from the shimmering sands and the desert meets the sea.

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The Mediterranean

In 2023, The World will spend two magnificent months plying the azure waters and rocky coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, from its easternmost Turkish shores to the Straits of Gibraltar. At March and April landings in Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece, Residents will wander cobblestone streets and hike sundrenched hillsides. Where the Ionian and Adriatic Seas meet, the Ship will dock in Albania’s Vlorë Bay.

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The Iberian Peninsula and Western Europe

This chapter of the 2023 Journey opens on The World tracing the Iberian coastline. In Spain and Portugal, Residents will marvel at magnificent architecture ranging from the medieval to the modern, savoring the local cuisine and exploring extraordinary museums in Barcelona, Lisbon, and Bilbao.

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Northern Europe

Forging northward in the last days of June, the Ship will explore capital cities and rarely visited villages along Europe’s Atlantic and Baltic coasts. There will be extended landings and unique experiences on sea and land throughout this northern European adventure.

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Northeast Passage Expedition & North Pacific

The first Expedition of The World’s 2023 Journey will be the Northwest Passage. For nearly all of August, the Ship will traverse 4,000 nautical miles across the northern Eurasian coast, sailing the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. Led by a team of the foremost experts in the geography, cultures, and wildlife of this cold, beautiful region, the Expedition will explore the pristine environments and stark splendor from Norway to San Josef Land and the New Siberian Islands, across the Bering Sea and to Alaska.

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Baja Coast, Central & South America

Sailing south into the turquoise waters of Mexico, The World will explore the ancient architecture, thriving art scenes, and vibrant night life from rugged Baja California Peninsula to the Mexican Riviera. Further south, explore the World Heritage Site of La Antigua Guatemala in Puerto Quetzal, and savor the shimmering beauty of Panama’s Flamenco Island.

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Antarctica Expedition

The 2023 Journey will conclude with a rare and exciting opportunity for the adventurous, even by The World’s unequalled standards. In late December, there will be two back-to-back, exhilarating Antarctic Expeditions. Guided by specialized teams of the planet’s foremost experts on the Southern Ocean’s ecology and wildlife, adventurous Residents will even leave the Ship behind, exploring floes and islands on foot, and using kayaks and Zodiac boats to navigate narrow channels and canyons amid the ice during the long days of the brief Antarctic summer.

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